Engineering Services

Design, Engineering and System Supply Services- HFO Tank [ 4000 KL Capacity ]

  1. 1. Civil Works:
    • Soil Test
    • G.A and detail drawing of Tank foundation.
    • Design of Tank foundation, Pump foundation, MCC room, Pipe support foundation, Dyke Drain / Pavement.
  2. 2. Mechanical works (Piping and Equipment):
    • Piping layout and PID for wagon unloading, storage and transfer
    • Piping isometric with piping stress analysis
    • Design and detail document of pump
    • Preparation of specification sheets for pipes, valves, gear pump, basket filter etc.
    • Design and detailing of insulation.
  3. 3. Electrical Works
    • Electrical load List.
    • Control and protection schematic, MCC schematic and power distribution scheme
    • Cabling, Lighting, Earthing and Lighting Protection layout drawings
    • Lighting / Power panel schedules
    • Interconnection drawing
    • Lightning system design calculation
    • Heater control design and detail drawings
  4. 4. Instrumentation Works
    • Operation and control Philosophy
    • Data sheet for field instrumentation and control valve
    • Data sheet for instrumentation and control cable
    • Hook -Up and Loop drawings
    • Cable and instrument Air Distribution Schedule
    • Cable tray layout
    • PLC data and specification for project
    • PLC operating screen

Supply of Civil Works
Material Supply for Tank Foundation
Material Supply for Pump Foundation
Material Supply for MCC Room
Material Supply for Drain & Pavement
Material Supply for Support Pedestal
Material Supply for Dyke
New Dyke Wall

Supply of Mechanical Works
Plate for Tank
Structural steel for Tank
Nozzle fittings for Tank
Stairs & gratings for Tank
Pump 150 M3/Hr capacity
Pump 10 M3/Hr capacity
Strainers for Pumps
All type of valves
Seamless Pipe
ERW Pipe
Pipe Fittings
Rubber Hoses for HFO Unloading
Insulation Material for Tank
Insulation Material for Piping

Supply of Electrical Works MCC
Heating Tape & Accessories
FLP Push Botton
Power Cables
Light Post & Light
Junction box [ Lighting DB ]
Earthing Material
Cable Tray
UPS & Heat Tracing Panel
Cable Gland
WP Industrial Plug Sockets
UPS & Battery Banks

Temperature Transmitter
Level Gauge-Float & Board Indicator
Level Transmitter [ Radder ]
Mass Flow Meter
Pressure Gauges
Temperature Gauges
Control Valve
Instrument & Cable
Air Header