Aluminium Smelter Plant

Sl. No. Client Project Description Plant Location Status Details
23 Hindalco Fabrication,assembly,testing and erection of Pot Super Structure Lapanga
[ Sambalpur ]
Completed Download
22 Hindalco Fabrication, erection, alignment, bolting,welding, fastening, painting, grouting, testing and handing over of pipe rack , structures for 6x150 MW Captive power plant of Aditya Aluminium Project at Lapanga , Dist.-Sambalpur, Orissa Lapanga
[ Sambalpur ]
21 Hindalco Fabrication , Erection & Commissioning of DC Busbar Lapanga
[ Sambalpur ]
20 Balco Erection & Commissioning , Material handling of PTM, FTA, Fixed Beam, Running Rails Balco [ CG ] Completed
19 Nalco Composite Works for Cast Line-2 for Nalco's Phase-II Expansion Project, Smelter Plant, Angul Angul Completed
18 Hindalco Detail Engineering, procurement of materials other than free issue materials, fabrication, erection, alignment, orientation, inspection, testing and supply etc for the Bus Bar System as per tender document issued by EIL , subsequent meeting & clarification with EIL schedule of quantities & rates attached as Annexure-I for our Smelter Project at Lapanga, Sambalpur. Lapanga
[ Sambalpur ]
17 Vedanta Unloading, storage, handling, erection & commissioning of EOT cranes at VAL / Jharsuguda Jharsuguda Completed
16 Hindalco Fabrication of Pot Shells for Aditya Aluminium Project at Sambalpur,Orissa,India Lapanga
[ Sambalpur ]
15 Nalco Unloading, storage, handling and completion of Mechanical & Electrical Erection & Commissioning including skilled & unskilled manpower & tools & tackles for ECL Equipments [ excluding P&F Conveyor ] for NALCO Angul Anode Rodding Shop Expansion Phase-II Project Angul Completed
14 Vedanta Fabrication, erection and installation of Anode Beam for Vedant Aluminium Smelter Expansion Project, Jharsuguda,Orissa. Jharsuguda Completed
13 Vedanta Supply, fabrication, erection & installation of Busbar for 168 nos. pots & fabrication anode stem assembly of Vedanta Aluminium Smelter Expansion Project at Jharsuguda ,Orissa. Jharsuguda Completed
12 Hindalco Repairing of stem bracket assembly duly inspected for anode casting in Anode Rodding Plant, Hindalco, Hirakud Hirakud Completed
11 Nalco Erection ,Mechanical,electrical works except Civil works as per Annexure- A
[ Bath removal station,short blasting M/C,Casting station, Anode handling equipment-Roller conveyors ,General , Electrical & automation ]
Angul Completed
10 Vedanta Assembly erection & commissioning of Anode baking Furnace control systems at M/s Vedanta Alumina Ltd, Jharsuguda Jharsuguda Completed
9 Vedanta Erection & welding of AC busbars for aluminium smelter expansion PL-3 & 4 project at Vedanta Aluminium Ltd,Jharsuguda Jharsuguda Completed
8 Nalco Work for Erection & commissioning of TEE INGOT machine at smelter Expansion project,Phase-II, NALCO, Angul ,Orissa. Angul Completed
7 Hindalco Bath cleaning ,Breaking & Bagging activities as per scope of work enclosed in Annexure-I for Rodding Plant at our Hirakud Smelter Plant. Hirakud Completed
6 Vedanta Miscellaneous steel fabrication works in Cast house area. Jharsuguda Completed
5 Nalco Erection of Mechanical equipment along with allied Civil & Structural Work of Nalco Smelter Expansion Project, Phase-II,Nalco Nagar,Orissa Angul Completed
4 Vedanta Unloading, Storage, Installation & Commissioning of Ingot Casting Machine Jharsuguda Completed
3 Hindalco Fabrication Erection of base frame & erection of the New AC & DC bus bar &
other auxiliaries including dismantling at Hindalco - Hirakud.
Hirakud Completed
2 Vedanta Fabrication, erection and commissioning of Al-Anode Bus bar for pot shell assembly work at Vedant Alumina Smelter Project at Jharsuguda,Orissa. Jharsuguda Completed
1 Nalco Fabrication, erection & installation work of of Pot Super Structure for Smelter Phase-II expansion project of Nalco at Angul, Orissa. Angul Completed